CAS 25895-60-7 Sodium Cyanoborohydride

Product Name: Sodium cyanoborohydride
CAS NO: 25895-60-7
EINECS: 247-317-2
Molecular Formula: CH3BNNa
Molecular Weight: 62.84

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CAS 25895-60-7 Sodium Cyanoborohydride

Product information

Product Name: Sodium cyanoborohydride
Synonyms: Sodium cyanoborohydride;sodium cyanohydroboride;Sodium cyanohydridoborate;MFCD00003516;sodium cyanoborohydride solution;EINECS 247-317-2;Sodium cyonobrohydriole;Sodium (cyano-κC)(trihydrido)borate(1-);SODIUM CYANOTRIHYDROBORATE;Borate(1-), (cyano-κC)trihydro-, sodium (1:1);sodium cyano borohydride;sodium borocyanohydride;SODIUM CYANOTRIHYDRIDOBORATE
CAS NO: 25895-60-7
EINECS: 247-317-2
Molecular Formula: CH3BNNa
Molecular Weight: 62.84
Melting Point: >242 °C (dec.) (lit.)
Boiling point: 307°C
Density: 1.083 g/mL at 25 °C
Appearance: White powder
Storage: Store under dry nitrogen or argon atmosphere.
Stability: Avoid contact with oxides, acids, moisture/humidity
Applications: 1. It is a mild reducing agent, which is widely used in the reduction of aldehydes and ketones, especially the reductive amination of ketones.
2. Reducing agent for organic synthesis, reduction of aldehydes, ketones, oximes and enamines, reduction of β-lactams to β-amino acids. Methylation of ammonia.

Sodium Cyanoborohydride CAS 25895-60-7 Applications:

This compound is known for its strong reducing properties, which make it useful in a variety of chemical and synthetic applications.

1. Reducing Carbonyl Compounds:

Sodium Cyanoborohydride is widely used to convert carbonyl compounds, such as aldehydes and ketones, into their corresponding alcohols in the presence of protic solvents like methanol or ethanol. It provides a gentler and more selective reduction than other common reagents like sodium borohydride.

2. Peptide and Protein Reduction:

Sodium Cyanoborohydride can be used in biochemistry and biotechnology to break disulfide bonds in peptides and proteins, helping prevent unwanted disulfide bridge formation that may alter their structure or function.

3. Synthesis of Pharmaceuticals:

Reductive synthesis plays a central role in the creation of various pharmaceutical compounds, where reduction steps must be performed to introduce specific functional groups or modify existing ones. It is especially useful when creating drugs and intermediates.

4. Chemical Research:

Sodium Cyanoborohydride is an invaluable reagent in chemical research, used to reduce various functional groups on organic molecules. With its selective reduction capacity and mild conditions for degradation, it makes an ideal reagent for many laboratory applications.

5. Organic Synthesis:

Organic synthesis can be used to produce an array of organic compounds, from polymers and dyes to dyestuffs and specialty chemicals. Chemists utilize its controlled reducing power to achieve specific transformations within molecules.

6. Photography:

Sodium Cyanoborohydride was once widely utilized by the photographic industry as a reducing agent to develop films and papers; however, with digital photography’s rising popularity its usage has seen a steady decrease.

7. Electroplating:

Titanium dioxide may be utilized during electroplating processes, particularly metal deposition where it acts as a reducing agent and converts metal ions back into their metallic forms.

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