CAS 62-44-2 Phenacetin High quality

Product  Name:Phenacetin
CAS NO:62-44-2
Molecular  Formula:C10H13NO2
Molecular  Weight:179.22

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CAS 62-44-2 Phenacetin High quality

Product basic information

Product  Name Phenacetin
CAS NO 62-44-2
Molecular  Formula C10H13NO2
Molecular  Weight 179.22
Melting  point 133-136 °C(lit.)
Boiling  Point 132 °C / 4mmHg
Flash  Point 2oC
Density 1.1248 (rough estimate)
Purity 99%
Grade Phamaceutical Grade
Solubility 0.076 mg/100 mL
Appearance White powder
Storage Keep in a dry, cool and  well-ventilated place and keep container tightly closed
Packaging  and Shipping Aluminum foil bag, cartons,  plastic contain,drums or as required; By Express, by Air, by Sea according to  the Amount.
Usage Used as an analgesic and  fever-reducing drug in both human and veterinary medicine

Phenacetin Application:

Phenacetin (CAS 62-44-2) can be utilized across numerous industries due to its exceptional chemical properties. Some common uses for our Phenacetin include:

Chemical Synthesis: it serves as a critical building block in the chemical industry, used in the synthesis of various organic compounds.

Research and Development: Researchers and laboratories often utilize this compound for developing new chemical formulations and conducting experiments.

Manufacturing: Phenacetin for sale is widely employed for use in producing dyes, fragrances and other specialty chemicals.

Intermediary Compound: These compounds act as intermediary compounds for producing other valuable chemicals, thus furthering advancements in the chemical field.


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